Biological Services

HANA provides a variety of natural resource services to its clients.  Services include, but are not limited to biological resource surveys, pre-construction surveys, construction monitoring, and post-construction and wetland restoration oversight for projects in the western United States.

Whether monitoring or surveying for biological resources, threatened and endangered and/or sensitive species, migratory and/or nesting birds, ecological evaluations and inventories, and/or identifying environmentally sensitive areas, HANA can mobilize the required expertise to ensure all resources are protected per the mitigation measures of the approved environmental document.

HANA has a Biological Studies, Monitoring & Management department which has expertise in the following areas, as well as others:

  • Surveys/Research/Planning/Management/Mitigation/Compliance
  • U.S. Endangered Species Act Section 7 & 10
  • California ESA 2081 Consultations/Compliance
  • Wildlife & Habitat Connectivity, Assessments & Structure Design
  • Bird Air-Strike Hazard (BASH) Studies & Management
  • Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans
  • Alien/Invasive Species Planning/Monitoring/Management
  • Aquatic Surveys, Inventories and Management
  • Biological Surveys/Inventories Including Pre-construction
  • Construction/Projects Monitoring and Related Support
  • Post-construction Ecological Site Restoration Management
  • Environmental Training, Workshops & Staff Supplementations
  • Experienced with Diverse Geography & Ecosystems

Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species Surveys

  • Desert Tortoise Monitoring & Handling
  • Golden Eagle
  • Burrowing Owl
  • Big Horn Sheep
  • Migratory Birds
  • Rubber Boas
  • Sage Grouse
  • Recapture of squirrels, rattlesnakes and other herpetofauna
  • Trained in proper handling of venomous snakes
  • Kit Fox
  • Gila Monster
  • Utah Prairie Dog
  • Multiple other species