HANA has successfully performed numerous environmental projects for various departments and bureaus within the Federal Government system. These government entities include the Department of the Air Force, Department of the Army and Department of the Navy (NAVFAC Southwest); Department of Defense (Army Corps of Engineers) and Department of Interior (US Forest Service); and Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation. Project work includes implementation of site assessment and remedial actions for impacted soil, soil gas and groundwater; preparation of on-base landfill permit renewal; preparation of a base-wide programmatic environmental assessment for the routine movement of personnel and material; focused biological resources evaluations; performance of class I, II, and III cultural resource surveys, recovery and curation; architectural historical resource evaluations and documentation; preparation of environmental resource management documentation; preparation of comprehensive historic context studies; and preparation of geoarchaeological and geophysical studies. In addition, HANA provided on-site, long-term professional cultural resource staff augmentation to the Department of the Army at Fort Hunter Liggett.

Federal contracts include:

Department of the Air Force

  • Base-wide Programmatic Environmental Assessment
  • Focused biological resource evaluations
  • Cultural resources surveys, management, and curation
  • Curation of historical documentation
  • Architectural historic resource evaluation

Department of the Navy

  • Site assessments and remedial actions
  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling
  • Preparation of required environmental documentation

Department of Interior

  • Comprehensive historic contexts study within the San Bernardino National Forest

Department of the Army

  • Supplemental cultural resource staff augmentation
  • Cultural resources surveys and management
  • Update Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan
  • Geoarchaeological and geophysical studies

Bureau of Land Management

  • Class I and class III surveys in BLM lands in Nevada

Bureau of Reclamation

  • Class III survey in Riverside County, California

National Park Service

  • Determinations of Eligibility

Army Corps of Engineers

  • Class II cultural resource recovery and curation
  • Native American Consultation
  • Laboratory analysis and curation
  • Habitat Restoration

U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • Environmental Professional
  • Map Examiner
  • GIS Professional
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