3D Photogrammetry

HANA utilizes 3D photogrammetry technologies when processing and producing 3D models.

3D photogrammetry offered by HANA takes depth information produced by the stereoscopic effects of the many overlapping photos and uses this information to analyze heights, distances, and size of various structures and objects.

Our ultra-high-resolution cameras allow us to create extremely high-polygon count 3D models in any spectral band.

HANA provides customers aerial imagery and orthomosaic mapping through the use of its numerous UAS (or drone) platforms.

We use a variety of ultra-high-resolution, multispectral, and hyperspectral cameras to respond to any type of flight and any project’s goals.

HANA creates flight plans for each mission. Using GIS software, we are able to fly efficiently over the project site and its boundaries only. We store and archive flight plans so that we can deliver consistent, reliable flights each and every time.

In the event the terrain is mountainous or greatly uneven, HANA’s drones have terrain follow systems that guide them safely over even the most rocky of terrains.

Aerial Mapping

Algae Detection

HANA has devised and developed pioneering technologies for sensing and detecting areas of algae within bodies of water.

By using new remote sensing techniques via UAS platforms and certain calculations on our multispectral imagery, HANA has been able to assess and quantify algae blooms and concentrations of algae.

These new analysis methodologies via drone imagery allow for project teams to deploy the most efficient allocations of assets in algae-removal projects.

HANA proudly offers dense point cloud datasets for use in GIS processes, terrain modeling, and elevation mapping.

We have applied our point cloud collection methodology in private sectors mapping the locations of landscape features for commercial properties as well as mapping terrain and elevation profiles for site managers.

Our UAS platforms are able to collect and process point clouds with an extremely high density per tile. HANA is able to produce tiles at any density to suit any client’s needs.

Dense Point Clouds

Contour Mapping

By leveraging our 3D photogrammetry and point cloud technologies, HANA can acquire high-grade contour data from its UAS platforms alone.

Our ultra-high-resolution cameras coupled with our drones allow us to survey areas that are typically impassable on foot. At the highest resolutions, HANA can offer sub-foot contour lines.

The speed at which our drone systems collect and process contour data saves project teams anywhere from dozens to hundreds of man-hours in just a single flight.

HANA offers a range of geospatial services that help our clients with the collection, analysis, presentation and storage of their valuable spatial data. We utilize RGB, thermal, and radiometric data sources and undertake complex spatial data analysis and modeling tasks. Monitoring data is presented in easy to interpret reports that assist environmental managers to make timely, informed decisions, while ensuring environmental compliance.

HANA is an industry leader in utilizing remote sensing to detect changes in vegetation on a habitat landscape scale. Our patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,984,455) and proprietary technology utilizes deep learning models and computer vision to conduct Plant Species Recognition, which allows us to map and determine density of individual plant species and native and/or invasive plant species. Results have been verified through ground-truthing and statistical measures.

Plant Species Recognition

Plant Health Assessments

HANA Resources, Inc. (HANA) uses the latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to provide our clients with an efficient and cost-effective means of obtaining accurate, ultra-high resolution aerial surveys. We capture multispectral imagery which allows highly detailed and accurate mapping and monitoring of the environment.

HANA is an industry leader in utilizing remote sensing to detect changes in vegetation on a habitat landscape scale. Our patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,984,455) and proprietary technology allows us to conduct Plant Health Assessments which includes plant height stratification, determining vegetation health and condition, and non-native species recognition. Results have been verified through ground-truthing and statistical measures.

HANA is well-equipped to handle flights requiring thermal imaging and thermal monitoring.

Thermal imagery, or thermograms, gathered by our UAS platforms and thermal cameras measure the radiant infrared energy reflected by ground objects.

Our thermal image collection methodologies have been utilized in private sector, public sector, and government applications. From determining leakage in irrigation systems to identifying and quantifying wildlife habitats, HANA creatively employs the use of thermal imagery for a wide array of client needs.

Thermal Imaging

Progress Monitoring

HANA offers the use of drones to monitor project sites either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly giving the client detailed progress updates on all sites.

We use drones for detailed monitoring of project sites monitor both progress and to ensure safety practices are being followed. Show your clients an aerial map of project progress as well as the progress of key locations on the site.

HANA provides detailed images/video of the job site saving time, money, and energy commuting from one job site to the next.

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