Need cutting edge drone services?

HANA specializes in plant health assessments that leverage the power of multispectral sensors and drone platforms.

HANA utilizes bleeding-edge neural network technologies to identify and quantify plant species via aerial imagery.

HANA offers remote detection of algae within bodies of water for the purpose of water treatment.

HANA creates consistent and reliable maps by archiving flight plans for repeatable missions.

HANA builds full 3D models to analyze heights, distances, and size of various structures and objects.

HANA proudly offers dense point cloud datasets for use in GIS processes, terrain modeling, and elevation mapping.

By leveraging our 3D photogrammetry and point cloud technologies, HANA can acquire high-grade contour data from its UAS platforms alone.

HANA is well-equipped to handle flights requiring thermal imaging and thermal monitoring.

HANA offers the use of drones to monitor project sites either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly giving the client detailed progress updates on all sites.