Drone photographing a construction site.

Drones have quickly found their way into many different practical uses, especially in construction.These small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) provide a convenient and cost-effective way to put eyes in the sky. Outfiting drones with high-resolution cameras makes it easy to record video and photography from new vantage points. Drones have become particularly useful in how modern construction projects are being managed.

The construction industry is typically plagued with inefficiencies. Most projects take 20% longer than projected, and 80% or more are over-budget. Construction site aerial photography using drones is one way contractors can reclaim some of their lost ground.

Aerial Photography in Construction

Aerial photography has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for managing construction projects. Contractors have new ways to compare aerial views of mid-construction progress to building plans. This process alone has helped the industry avoid costly and time sensitive mistakes. Aerial photography was once cost-prohibitive and not widely used in construction but that changed when unmanned drones added more flexibility to rethink how we capture aerial images.

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Benefits of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography using drones is hands-down the most cost-effective option for gathering information about a job site. Saving money isn’t the only benefit of drone aerial photography however. Access to accurate data, improved safety on the job site, and real-time data when managing ongoing projects are just a few of the benefits of relying on drone-based aerial photography.


Drone photography allows for cost-effective and efficient surveying of larger construction sites. In years past, these surveys were done on foot and required a survey crew and several days’ worth of labor. It was costly and time-consuming, leaving construction companies forced to cut corners and make a lot of assumptions. Plus, these surveys could only capture one vantage point from the ground. With aerial photography construction, crews get a birds-eye-view of the construction site, complete with detailed data.


Unmanned drones provide a safe way to capture detailed imaging of expansive or difficult to traverse terrain. There’s no flight crew on board or survey crew on foot to consider for safety reasons. Drones flights can be automated using GIS software and planned flight paths or operated remotely.

Efficient, Data-Driven Decisions

Aerial photography captured by drones takes the guesswork from managing a build in progress. Managers or contracted firms send drones out for real-time updates, covering expansive construction sites in a matter of minutes.

A construction blueprint closeup with pen and ruler.
A construction blueprint closeup with pen and ruler.

Who Benefits from Drone Photography in Construction

Drones for aerial photography are primarily used for surveying land. These machines are outfitted with high-resolution RGB cameras and programmed to take multiple images with geotags. This photography is a great way to inspect hard-to-reach areas like rooftops and inaccessible terrain. Aerial photography is the only way to monitor vegetation rows and plant growth in remote areas. It’s also the most efficient way to monitor large-scale infrastructure projects like roads and railroads. Companies involved in building or managing roads, railways, bridges, water reservoirs, energy resources, and similar types of operations rely on drone aerial photography the most.

HANA Resources is a leader in environmental technology consultation. Our team of scientists, engineers, and technology experts is committed to revolutionizing the environmental industry by providing real-time, high-quality data that matters. Learn more today.

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Drone Photography by HANA Resources

Our environmental consulting firm engages in monitoring and data collection for various clients in the biological sciences space. We use state-of-the-art UAS to capture real-time data, including RGB photography to monitor natural resources, environmental impact, and habitat restoration projects.

Our cutting-edge, proprietary technology can be used to obtain special status permits, conduct botanical surveys, assess fisheries and aquatic life, conduct pre-construction surveys, monitor builds in progress, aid in wildlife recovery and relocation, and much more.

3D Photogrammetry

HANA relies on 3D photogrammetry to produce 3D models based on our drones’ data. This allows us to provide unique data sets on heights, distances, structure size, and proximity to other objects.

Aerial Mapping

Our drones are outfitted with the right technologies to provide our clients with ultra-high-definition aerial imagery and orthomosaic mapping. We use GIS software to create programmed flight paths for our drones that maximize the efficiency of every flight. HANA can provide complete and accurate data even in the most difficult terrain.

Progress Monitoring

Drone imaging by HANA Resources is the best way to get a birds-eye-view of large scale construction projects in progress. Our team can provide drone-assisted monitoring with updated images at intervals of your choosing, including weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly flights. Our detailed images and video captures are a great way to show your clients real-time progress.

Drone-assisted aerial photography is a great way to get accurate data for land surveys and construction progress. We take pride in eliminating the guesswork so that you can make better decisions based on science and real-time data.

A river running through a green marsh at sunset.
A river running through a green marsh at sunset.

The Bottom Line on Drone Photography for Construction

High-resolution aerial images captured by drone technologies is adding a lot of efficiency to the construction industry. Projects that formerly struggled to stay on time and under budget now have access to better data at a fraction of the cost and in much less time compared to traditional surveying methods. Like the services provided by HANA Resources, drone photography is cost-effective, safe, and efficient use of time. These drones can provide high-quality information from the point of view that was previously inaccessible. These drones have proven to be an invaluable tool for managing construction projects.

HANA Resources is an innovative industry leader in technologies to monitor and collect data using aerial imagery from unmanned drones. With HANA, you get nothing but the very best quality data curated by our team of engineers and scientists. Learn more today.

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