Senior Staff

Sloane Seferyn, B.S. – Operations Manager / Senior Biologist

As the Operations Manager and as Senior Biologist, Ms. Seferyn has worked both independently and in teams on projects involving mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, birds and plants using multiple data collection methods. She has conducted biological field surveys and habitat assessments of on-site resources; general wildlife and botanical surveys; special status plant and wildlife protocol surveys; breeding bird surveys identifying species visually and aurally; identifying and mapping vegetation communities; implementing habitat restoration; mitigation site qualitative/quantitative monitoring; pre-construction clearance surveys; construction biological monitoring; and CRAM analyses. Ms. Seferyn has also contributed to the writing of proposals, Biological Assessments, Health and Safety Plans, Plan of Actions, Surveys Protocols and Annual Reports. She is knowledgeable about native and non-native California plants and wildlife species, having worked in upland, riparian, and desert habitats throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial and San Bernardino Counties.

Ms. Seferyn understands the regulatory framework necessary for the preparation of biological technical reports and environmental documents for compliance with CEQA, NEPA, CESA, ESA, invasive species control measures, mitigation monitoring and planning, construction monitoring and post-construction restoration and reporting. Ms. Seferyn’s industry experience includes flood control mitigation, bridge improvement, gas, landfill, road projects, field work, roadway, bridge and natural resources.

Dale Schneeberger, M.S., PG – Consulting Manager

Mr. Schneeberger is the Principal Geologist and is responsible for management of environmental services. He is a licensed Professional Geologist and also a licensed General Engineering Contractor certified to handle hazardous wastes in the State of California. Mr. Schneeberger consults on environmental projects with aggressive schedules, which include environmental impact analysis for NEPA/CEQA, biological and cultural resource management, water quality evaluation including wetland delineation and restoration, storm water and NPDES, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and environmental due diligence, and hazardous materials/waste investigation, characterization and remediation.

Ray Rothwell, B.A. – GIS Manager / Environmental Scientist

Mr. Rothwell is the GIS Manager and Environmental Scientist with experience in environmental data management and compliance, statistical evaluations, and hazardous materials investigations. He manages the compilation of spatial data, determines outputs, identifies data needs, and performs analysis tasks. Mr. Rothwell has performed data management on capacity-building projects for NASA and other federal and state agencies, led data analysis, geoprocessing tool design, and statistical and predictive modeling. He also has managed logistics for environmental fieldwork including proposal and scope development, subcontractor management and budgeting. As the GIS Manager, Mr. Rothwell develops GIS analysis plans for the HANA team and provides mapping support for multiple projects including GPS data collection and spatial analysis.

Sandy Schneeberger, USA Ret., M.A., RPA – Business Development Manager

Ms. Schneeberger has over 25 years professional experience including administration, personnel logistics and transportation. She is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) and has over 25 years’ experience in archaeology and cultural resource management. She has managed several large cultural resource projects in southern and central California, and in Nevada. She serves as Principal Archaeologist.