HANA Resources was initiated as a vehicle to bring a data driven methodology to the management, monitoring and restoration of native habitats. HR is comprised of several divisions including Natures Image.

Natures Image is a full-service habitat restoration/mitigation company serving both private and public clients throughout the West. Since the early 1990s, we have successfully restored and painted hundreds of habitat communities, representing thousands of acres including riparian, coastal sage scrub, freshwater and saltwater marsh, desert, chaparral, oak woodlands and native grasslands. We offer our clients a full range of construction and maintenance services for all their habitat restoration and mitigation needs.

Our ability to balance the needs of thoughtfully planned land development with the restoration and preservation of unique natural habitats is the hallmark of Natures Image. Habitat restoration is crucial to the preservation of both native plant species and wildlife. Through the elimination of invasive species and the revegetation and propagation of native plant species, we create self-sustaining habitats for threatened and endangered wildlife.