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HANA Resources, Inc. is a certified diversity (WOSB, WBE, Federal SBE, SB-PW) environmental consulting firm that was founded to simplify the environmental industry with advanced technology in order to produce objective, replicable, and process driven compliance methodology. We remove the subjective components and provide data supported by science, standards and transparency to our clients.

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With its patented and proprietary technology (US Patent No. 9,984,455), HANA Resources applies a data driven methodology to the management, monitoring and restoration of native habitats.

HANA Resources (HANA) experience originated in 1995 as a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm that applies scientific expertise, experience, initiative, and innovation to natural resource management. HANA was initiated as a vehicle to bring a data driven methodology to the management, monitoring and restoration of native habitats. HANA was founded with the idea that quality environmental consulting services can be provided by patented and proprietary technology, scientists, and engineers who are experienced specialists in their respective fields. HANA uses cutting edge technology such as drones, cameras, or software to ensure the best possible product is provided. Additionally, HANA’s professional staff are licensed and/or registered in their respective disciplines for which they are responsible. HANA empowers our staff to be part of the daily decision-making processes resulting in a higher quality product consistently delivered on-time and at or below project budgets.

HANA provides environmental services to a wide variety of clientele including private, governmental and tribal agencies for projects associated with power/electric utilities, transportation, commercial/industrial, oil & gas, and government market sectors. HANA provides these services throughout the Western U.S. We also have extensive experience in supporting major environmental and A&E firms in a variety of projects and disciplines. We have over 20 years helping our clients develop and implement strategic approaches to successfully meet their environmental, and related, project needs.









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Winner of the 2019 Climate Change Business Journal Achievement Award for Information Technology: Wildfire Protection

Lake Forest, CA – January 2020, Climate Change Business Journal presented HANA Resources the CCBJ Business Achievement Award for outstanding business performance and achievements in the climate change industry for Information Technology: Wildfire Protection.

HANA Resources received the coveted CCBJ award for its development of the Situation Awareness Fire Expectancy Regression (SAFER) program. SAFER is a predictive deep neural network that integrates stateful computational graphing solutions with hyper-spectral imaging data-sets to produce a model that forecasts potential fires and fire zones.

This innovative idea was created to mitigate and reduce threats to human life, personal property, infrastructure, and damage to the natural resources and watersheds of California by a creating predictive modeling system that will predict fire hazards in near real time. SAFER gives firefighters a temporal edge against possible pending fires, thus allowing additional resources and solutions to be pre-deployed for monitoring and early mitigation.

Auxiliary features of SAFER, such as short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery via drone survey, allow for prediction of fire routes and fire spread before a wildfire can occur. Predictive advantages from these features allow for better “reading” of the fire and bolster more comprehensive firefighting tactics during wildfire operations. More…

To find out how SAFER (TM) can help your organization fighting fire, connect with us.

Welcome Christiana Conser!

Lake Forest, CA – January 7 2020, Hana Resources is excited to announce that Christiana Conser joined HANA Resources’ team as a Restoration Ecologist.

Christiana is a plant ecologist and brings a wealth of experience in habitat restoration as well as invasive plant science and management in a wide range of habitat types in California – from coastal dune scrub, to alpine to riparian. Her expertise ranges from academic research, technical writing, hands-on fieldwork, restoration planning and design, as well as policy work.

She has a Master’s degree in Biology from San Francisco State University and is pending completion of her Ph.D. in Horticulture & Agronomy from UC Davis.

Her skills in every stage of the habitat restoration process will help our clients and our organization moving forward, which include: project and stakeholder management, permitting, regulatory compliance, funding, budgeting, habitat design for specific outcomes, development of performance metrics, site monitoring, data analysis, as well as public education and engagement.

Christiana’s career focus and passion for the past 20 years has been developing practical science-based solutions to conserve native biodiversity for future generations.

Besides loving nature, Christiana also loves to travel! She enjoys hiking, camping and sailing in California as well as traveling via sailboat or small plane with her family across the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. Her most memorable trip was sailing with her dad from the Canary Islands to Saint Lucia in the transatlantic ARC Rally race in 2001.

HANA Resources creates PFAS work plans & investigative technical reports

Lake Forest, CA – December 19 2019, The Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board has issued an order pursuant to Water Code sections 13267 and 13383 by the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) and requires specific organizations to submit information to the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Water Board).

The Water Quality Control Board organization has identified facilities that have accepted, stored, or used materials that may contain per- and polyftuoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Order WO 2019-0045-DWO requires the organization to submit technical reports to investigate PFAS impacts to the site as specified in the Order.

Failure to comply with this Order may subject the organization to civil liability of up to $5,000 per day for each day in which the violation occurs.

HANA Resources has supported organizations who are required to submit a PFAS work plan and consecutively, create technical reports investigating PFAS impacts on their site.

For over 20 years we have been performing site investigations in California and created over 120 work plans as well as technical reports.

Should you be interested to have HANA create a PFAS work plan for you, please contact Inge Carr, VP Marketing & Brand Relations, at 949.795.2864 or  ingec@hanaresources.com.

Ingeborg Carr joins HANA Resources & Natures Image

Lake Forest, CA – October 212019,  Ingeborg Carr has joined the team at the enterprise environmental solutions & habitat restoration organization as Vice President, Marketing & Brand Relations.

Ingeborg has been focused on revenue-driven marketing and optimizing the customer experience from the very beginning of her career spanning Europe, Asia, Canada and the US. She has long had the goal to merge her passion for the environment with her marketing expertise. After having reached the top in her field at Altman Plants – the largest succulent breeder in the world and top horticultural company in the US – as well as having owned her own consulting firm, Ingeborg is now ready to put her talent and experience to good use by helping the environment.

“We have gotten to a point where it became clear that growing the organization would require another person—someone with an open mind and strategic experience in marketing and branding. Learning about her deep experience in these areas and getting to know her way of thinking, it just had to be her!”  – AJ Fox, COO @ HANA Resources & Natures Image

Ingeborg will drive the development of the company’s marketing strategy and promote new regional, national and international client relations. Her porfolio also includes public relations, digital marketing and brand building.

See HANA’s article in The California Invasive Plant Council’s (Cal-IPC) newsletter, Dispatch!

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Environmental Industry Leader announces award of US Patent

Lake Forest, CA – June 11th 2018, HANA Resources, Inc. & Natures Image, Inc. are proud to announce the award of US Patent #9,984,455, “Organism growth prediction system using drone-captured images”. This system allows for remote capture of images via a drone and allows this data to be used for diagnostic modeling, plant health management, irrigation management as well as habitat growth and success forecasting. Our R&D team has several additional patents pending in the areas of remote soil and water management as well as wildlife identification and habitat monitoring. Utilizing UAV technology to expand biological monitoring is a cornerstone of HANA Resources.  By standardizing and simplifying methodologies, we can increase return on investment for each of our clients. HANA Resources and Natures Image are excited to lead the way in cutting edge innovation to protect and enhance our natural resources.

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