HANA's goal is to be instrumental in changing the environmental industry.

About HANA Resources, Inc.

Technology Meets Environmental.

With its patented and proprietary technology (US Patent No. 9,984,455; US Patent No. 10,713,777 B2; US Patent No. 16/510,713; US Patent No. 15/921,245; US Patent No. 10,877,477), HANA Resources applies a data driven methodology to environmental consulting.

Drone Services grid background

HANA Resources, Inc. (HANA) experience originated in 1995 as a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm that applies scientific expertise, experience, initiative, and innovation to natural resource management. HANA was founded with the idea that quality environmental consulting services can be provided by patented and proprietary technology, scientists, and engineers who are experienced specialists in their respective fields. HANA uses cutting edge technology such as drones, cameras, or software to ensure the best possible product is provided. HANA helps our clients develop and implement strategic approaches to successfully meet their environmental, and related, project needs.

HANA provides environmental services to a wide variety of clientele including private, governmental and tribal agencies for projects associated with power/electric utilities, transportation, commercial/industrial, oil & gas, and government market sectors. Additionally, HANA’s professional staff are licensed and/or registered in their respective disciplines for which they are responsible. HANA empowers our staff to be part of the daily decision-making processes resulting in a higher quality product consistently delivered on-time and at or below project budgets.

Welcome to HANA Resources, Inc.

Your Environmental Enterprise Solution

Who Are We?

HANA Resources, Inc. is a certified diversity (WOSB, WBE, Federal SBE, SB-PW) environmental consulting firm that was founded to simplify the environmental industry.

What Do We Do?

With advanced technology, we seek to produce objective, reproducible, and process-driven compliance methodology.

Quality Services

We remove the subjective components and provide data supported by science, standards, and transparency to our clients.

The Difference is in our Approach.

Patented and Proprietary Technology.
Strategic Approaches Driven by Client’s Needs.
Reproducible Methodologies.
Continued Commitment to Innovation.

Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying

“HANA Resources did an excellent job mapping our 211-acre project site. All of our requests were met on-time and with exceptional quality.”

James Law (Santa Ana Watershed Association – Habitat Restoration Services Manager)

“HANA Resources, Inc. provided a large variety of environmental compliance and conservation services and performed well in all areas. The conservation support work performed was outstanding. I highly recommend HANA Resources, Inc. for this line of work.”

Mark Taberner (Vandenberg AFB – Project Manager)

HANA Resources, Inc. (20361 Hermana Circle, Lake Forest, CA 92630) along with our affiliates and subsidiaries are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and users.
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